Hedrick Hall, UCLA

Transporation / Airport

Icon West’s personnel completed this housing project while the building was fully occupied with students. It was completed ahead of schedule with no Safety incidents occurring during the duration of this project.

+ 206,450 sq. ft.
Los Angeles, CA
University of California, Los Angeles

Hedrick is a 206,451 sq. ft. 9 story undergraduate students’ residential facility built in 1964. The scope of work included the complete renovation of the building and replacing obsolete steam boilers with gas fired boilers in the basement. Air handling units serving the majority of the residential floors were also replaced. Our team furnished and installed a new electronic temperature control system, a package steam boiler system, natural gas water heaters and storage tanks much of which was commissioned to serve existing equipment throughout the building. Major trade work included HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical which tied into the dorm’s automation system.

Environmentally Friendly

This project meets all CalGreen requirements and is expected to be a leader in energy and environmental design.

Saxon Suites, UCLA