Why Icon West

Our Distinct Approach

With over a quarter Billion dollars in current work, we know that our success depends upon upholding the values and standards we believe in. We strive for transparency and look to better ourselves and our team everyday, making our approach unique to the industry.

We Maintain High Ethical Standards

We operate with our values at the forefront: honesty, integrity, and loyalty. Whether it is with our clients or employees, we work hard to create and maintain a standard of excellence for everything we do.

We Abide by the Timeline and Budget

One of our biggest strengths is the ability to successfully deliver high quality results within the established timeline and budget of the project owner. We know these aspects are critical for the owner, and we strive to maintain this trait for every project.

We Ensure Straightforward Communication

We believe transparent communication is an integral component of a successful project. We resolve any problems that may come up during the project with our clients personally. Icon West cultivates honest, open communication at every level.

We Have a Streamlined

Our approach enables us to streamline the project process with one contract and one common goal with our clients. Icon West can provide thoughtful, strategic insights into decisions throughout the duration of the project.

How It Works

A Tailored Approach
Though we work with a wide breadth of clients, we always take a personalized approach to each project. By connecting past experiences with forward thinking, Icon West will find the solutions that work for your project's needs and objectives.
Strategic Planning
With state-of-the-art technological resources like Navisworks, Revit, AutoCAD, and Bluebeam, Icon West leverages these tools and our own knowledge and experience to find the best methods and solutions with careful, focused planning.
Supervision, Guidance, and Management
With a hard working team, we provide ongoing monitoring and project management with weekly check ins, inspections, status updates, and more. We operate with clear communication as the ultimate goal to avoid rework or other significant issues.