General Contracting 

General Contracting Expertise With the Highest Standards

As a strategic partner, we understand your needs and expectations to provide effective solutions and results tailored to you.

Icon West couples state-of-the-art technology tools with our industry expertise to increase efficiency and control waste. By applying lessons from previous projects, we continuously improve on every project. Icon West’s team-oriented approach and open communication and transparency achieves our common goals. Our commitment to quality, safety, and service is our number one priority.

The general contractor is the central leader of the project, responsible for everything from subcontractors to project planning. Icon West takes this role very seriously as a strong, experienced general contractor with years of success in Southern California. We are responsible for overseeing the logistics and quality of the project at every level while maintaining safety as our number one priority.

With over 30 years of Design Bid Build experience, Icon West has placed itself among the top general contractors in Southern California.

With a thirst for the most challenging projects, we have the qualifications and knowledge to provide competitive and successful results to owners on every project.

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