Project Description

UCLA Hitch Suites

In addition to the construction of a new commons building, this project also included the renovation of four existing residential buildings. The scope of work on this project included the addition of shear walls, basketball courts, 2400 linear feet of retaining walls, and 36,000 sq. ft. of ramps and sidewalks.

Home Away From Home

UCLA’s Hitch Suites are designed to house more than 900 residents in complexes surrounded by shaded landscape and courtyards. Each individually furnished room comes with its own private entry, living area, and bathroom.

Safe Haven

With design elements made to take advantage of views of the nearby oceans and mountains, UCLA’s Hitch Suites provide a haven for students away from the rigors of student life.

Awards & Recognition

At the 45th annual Los Angeles Architectural Awards, this project received an award as one of the best designed projects of the year.