Hilgard Student Housing, UCLA

Student Housing

Consisting of the construction of a three-story and a four-story building, this project oversaw the building of 83 studio units along with a type-1A subterranean parking garage. Along with the new buildings, the project also called for the construction of retaining walls and post-tension slab.

83 Units
Los Angeles, CA
University of California, Los Angeles


At one point, this project came to a complete halt for a period of two months because the original design did not allow adequate routing space for the electrical data and fire alarm systems. However, working with the electrical and structural engineers, our team was able to make limited structural modifications along with modifications to the existing panel boards. As a result, Icon West was able to eliminate construction delays and deliver the project on time and within budget.

Environmentally Friendly

This project meets all CalGreen requirements and is expected to be a leader in energy and environmental design.

Landfair Apartments, UCLA