School of Behavioral and Social Sciences, LASW

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A building of approximately 62,000 sq. ft., Icon West’s project at LA Southwest oversaw the upgrade of the School of Behavioral and Social Sciences.

+ 60,000 sq. ft.
Los Angeles, CA
Los Angeles Community College District


Our team was faced with several logistical challenges as the building was fully occupied throughout the duration of construction. Careful consideration and planning had to be given to each floor to coordinate around the occupants and guarantee zero interruption to studies or research.

Education First

Exploring the nature of human beings and their interactions with one another through subjects like psychology and sociology is one of the most important things educators can do. Modernizations and expansions like those done by Icon West for Los Angeles Southwest College enables the school to provide the best spaces and resources for their students and faculty to learn and grow.

Environmentally Friendly

This project meets all CalGreen requirements and is expected to be a leader in energy and environmental design.

Bailey Library Expansion and Modernization