Development and Investment

Development and Investment in Southern California

Icon West Inc. is a Los Angeles based Mixed-Use, Commercial, Real Estate investment group, focused on high quality infill and Suburban real estate in the city and its surrounding counties.  Established in 1989, Icon West Development’s achievements are built upon expertise and experience as well as a deep knowledge and understanding of the markets in which it operates.

Development Approach

The Icon West Team is constantly evaluating opportunities in the market, using independent and conservative judgments. If the investment opportunity qualifies, we begin to engage and partner with Architects to execute plans and create unique design concepts using architectural innovation.

Investment Strategy

Icon West’s investments focus on identifying undervalued markets, acquiring properties, and developing them into multi-family, mixed use, and commercial assets. With decades of knowledge and experience in construction, Icon West creates the most value for the end-user while generating the most benefit for our investors.

Landfair Apartments


Status: Completed

Project Description: At over 100,000 sq ft, Landfair Apartments was built with only students in mind. Landfair has also been honored as the winner of the Multi-Unit Design Award by the Westside Urban Forum at their annual gathering.

Architect: STUDIOS Architecture

73 Unit Mixed-Use Development


Value: $30 Million

Status: Scheduled for 2023 Completion

Project Description: A new development bringing affordable housing, parking, and retail space to a long-abandoned corner of Los Angeles’ historic Koreatown.

Architect: Syed Raza & Associates, Inc

Icon West Headquarters, Culver City


Status: Scheduled for 2023 Completion

Project Description: An over 35,000 square foot mixed-use development slated to house our new Headquarters, housing, and a retail space at its base in the revitalized neighborhood of Downtown Culver City.

Architect: BOLADarck Design