HIGHLIGHTS: New Construction of the Landfair Apartments.
CLIENT: University of California, Los Angeles
ARCHITECT: Studios Architects
DESCRIPTION: The construction of the Landfair Apartments shall develop and combine the two properties located at 625 and 641 Landfair Ave. The two apartment buildings on these properties shall be demolished and replaced with 52 apartment units accomodating 184 beds with 82 below-grade parking spaces. The new construction shall provide a total of 97,843 gsf, including 60,146 gsf of housing and 37,697 gsf of parking. The apartments shall consist of two-bedroom/two-bathroom, one-bedroom/one-bathroom, and studio units. Each shall include a living room and a kitchen. Construction of a subterranean parking structure; wood framing systems for floors, walls and roof structures; exterior cladding consisting of cement plaster, waterproofing systems and windows.