Project Description

Santa Clarita Sheriff Station

This project is to Construct a Sheriff ‘s Station Main Building , 46,560 SQFT , 1-Story,Type I-B, Group A-3,B, I-3 ,Fully Sprinklered and a Vehicle Maintenance Building ;4,165 SQFT, 2-Story, Type V-B, Group S-1,S-2, Fully Sprinklered. and associated onsite and offsite improvements The Scope of Work includes but not limited to Main Station , Detention Facility, Parking Area, Helipad, Communication Tower, Emergency Generator, Edison Structures, Sidewalk, Driveway, Fueling Station, Fuel Storage, Car Wash Area, Clarifier, Trash Enclosure, Outdoor Lockers with Canopy, Parking Area with Canopy, Used Tire Storage Area, Landscaping, Bio Filtration Systems, Perimeter Security Walls & Gates, Retaining Walls.