Career Opportunities

At Icon West we value the contribution our employees make every day. We know their efforts have helped us achieve the position of leadership we enjoy in the industry. Our company strives to retain team members by investing in their professional growth and offering opportunities for advancement. Rather than impede growth, Icon West encourages individuals to contribute to their fullest abilities.

We make it widely known that initiative and hard work are noticed and rewarded.

We are constantly seeking talented, motivated individuals to join our exceptional team.
If you would like to work with a company that values its people and is actively invested in their growth and progress, please send your resume to

Below are a couple of links outlining the duties and responsibilities of Entry Level Field and Project Engineer.


Icon West is proud to offer a year-round internship program for current students and recent graduates. We enjoy the opportunity to give back to the community by encouraging young talent to join our talent pool to fill our needs.


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