HIGHLIGHTS: Upgrading of Strathmore Bridge to improve performance and achieve a UC Seismic Rating of “Good”.
CLIENT: University of Los Angeles, California
ARCHITECT: Englekrik & Sabol Consulting Structural Engineers, Inc.
DESCRIPTION: The work of this project consists of upgrading the Strathmore Bridge to improve performance during a seismic event. The scope of seismic corrective work shall include construction of shear walls to resist seismic loads on both the east-west and north-south direction; construction of new foundations consisting of drilled cast-in-place concrete piles and pile caps to support the new shear walls; providing steel beams to connect the new shear walls to the existing structure; providing epoxy dowels to connect the bridge’s structural elements to each other; and providing pipe bracing. Upon completion, Strathmore Bridge shall be upgraded to a UC Seismic rating of “GOOD”.