HIGHLIGHTS: Construction took place in a busy 2nd street parking structure, open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This project required special safety measures and traffic control for pedestrians and vehicles including the construction of temporary ramps and protected walkways to ensure the continuous flow of traffic during construction. Restricted work hours and strict noise and dust control that were fully implemented, together with a floor by floor completion made the construction more challenging.
CLIENT: City Of Santa Monica
ARCHITECT: KPFF Consulting Engineers
DESCRIPTION: The project consists of structural and seismic retrofit to the 9 story parking structure. This includes selective demolition of existing walls and slabs, excavation, shoring, piling and the construction of new below grade reinforced concrete foundation. Structural steel tubes are added to support the existing post tensioned beams and the existing walls are thickened by reinforced concrete shotcrete on all 9 floors. Improvement of the existing drainage and venting with the restoration of the painting and striping complimented the parking structure renovation.