Highlights: New construction of a Visitor Center at the Metropolitan State Hospital
Client: State of California – Department of General Services
Architect: J.C. Chang & Associates
Description: This project is to construct a new Visitor Center , 3,904 Sqft,  Type V-A, Group I-3; a Yard Restroom , 470 Sqft, Type V-B, Group B, Six (6) Elevated Guard Posts. 5,500 Sqft, Type V-B, Group U,  and to install a New Security Screen Window on Cronic Treatment West  (CTW) building, 136,668 Sqft, Type I-A, Group I-3. with a New Security Fencing around perimeter as on Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) building. The other scope of works includes but not limited to Site improvement , Concrete & AC Paving Site Works, Pedestrian Sallyport, Parking Lot Striping, Irrigation and Landscaping.